Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mission Statement

Where's my reset button?

There is nothing more agonizing to me than making a promise I can't keep. So there will be no more of that.

"Operation '09" was a bust. No use trying to down play it-but this is where I try to make up for it. I can no longer promise that I will be able to draw every day or post every day for that matter, but I will try to get something up on a regular basis. Starting today. I should have something up after my driving lesson.

Which brings me to another point. My work here will range from WIPS (including but not limited to crappy little sketches) to Ink Work (my main focus) to full blown Colored Works (which will probably be less often as opposed to more).

I'm open to constructive criticism-encourage it in fact, as I am seeking improvement. Though I do retain the right to delete comments that I feel go from "constructive" to "bashing".

No, this isn't an April Fool's Day joke, I'm not that cruel or elaborate. ;) Signing off for now.

EDIT: Hoorah for my first crappy little color sketch. Complete with crappy little attempt at an umbrella. I like the concept but I think once I have more than a few hours, I will re-do this. One a side note: Tegaki E is like crack for tablet lovers.

You'd never guess it, but this took me 2 hours...

Rainningink on Tegaki E

Sayonara Wonderland.