Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beautiful Imperfections

I'm stealing the tile from an amazingly gifted friend of mine.

She'll forgive me, ...eventually. ;)

I'm going to share some of my favorite craptastic doodles from Tegaki-E. Because even when I know they're HORRIBLY bad, I can't help but love them. They always have that "something" that makes me keep them around. Maybe its the expression, the mood of the piece, and sometimes, its just cause I have every intention of re-doing it later to make it better and need said piece for reference.

AND translations for my horrid scrawl:

Image #1: A.K.A the one with the mutant hand. "Might As Well Face It You're Addicted To Love" -Addicted to Love, Robert Palmer

Image #2: A.K.A The one with the horrible proportions "Caught In The Rain Where Silence Screams And All I've Got Is Ink On The Page" - Me...actually

Image #3: A.K.A. The one with the horribly highlighted hair. "Whose Eyes Am I Behind? I Don't Recognize Anything That I See. Whose Skin Is This Design? I Don't Want This To Be The Way That You See Me." -Ordinary by Train

Tegaki-ETegaki-E,RI,Prelim sketchOrdinarybytrain,Tegaki-E

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back in Action

Planning to start posting here more regularly now that things have wind down in the personal life.

To give you guys a taste of how my digital style and traditional style differ you can take a look at this, a traditional re-envisioning of the last post's Tegaki-E sketch:


I know there are a lot of mistakes, as I'm still such a rookie. But I can't deny that I'm proud of a lot of things about it as well. Ie: face,hair, etc. I workedfor HOURS trying to get that expression just right. Trust me, when professionals tell you to draw LIGHT, they mean it.

My poor eraser...

Signing off for now folks!